Anime Oasis Shine!

I will have a table at Anime Oasis Shine next year, so I’m starting working on the artwork I’m going to put into it. So, I will take any anime-related requests :) You could request a specific character, or a character (or several) doing something (as long as it’s family friendly; there’s a lot of little kids at AO). It would help me out so I know better what’s popular and such, because most of the anime I like are obscure shows I found in the deep dark depths of Hulu XD You can also request things from popular movies/shows that aren’t anime, like the Avengers or something, or video games like Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy.

If you’d like a unique picture just for you, I’ll do commissions as well. For commissions, you pay me for my time, I draw you a picture, and I either send you a print or a large digital file for your own personal use, whichever you prefer. That’ll help me pay for all the printing and such I’ll be doing ;)

I’ll also do hats or other crochet type thingies with ears or logos or what-have-you :)

(Note: I don’t draw/crochet from anything rated R/MA or higher)

Also, if you plan on going to Anime Oasis, get your discounted tickets now! The prices go up after December’s over.


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