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Welcome to Philosophical Thoughts by Doodle Fox *cheesy intro music*

I get bored at work and such, so I think about random things. I decided it might be good writing practice to share them with the world, so here you go :)

I just graduated from Renaissance High School in Idaho. I went from a private Christian school so tiny that fourth, fifth, and sixth grade combined was about twenty people, and we thought that was huge! Then I went to a charter school where there were 20-30 kids in my grade alone. I graduated Renaissance with 147 other seniors. Going to Renaissance was a huge shock for me, especially since I had zero friends my entire Freshman year.

The biggest social shock to me was the prevalence of the LGBTQ+ (a b c d e f g…) community. I didn’t even know that “gay” meant anything other than the “gay old time” the Flintstones had. All this to say it’s something I’ve been forced to think a lot about over the last four years, and I think I have a solid view (albeit an outsider’s view) of the subject.

I have three main points to make: Defining My Generation’s LGBT, My Christian View, and Living Together.Eep!

Defining My Generation’s LGBT

I attended high school from fall 2012 to spring 2016. Based on discussions I’ve had with my mom and other adults, the LGBT I encounter is slightly different. Here is all I have gathered as an outside observer:

  • Gay/Lesbian/Bi – the attraction factors
    • Lesbian: Females who are sexually/romantically attracted to other females. This does not necessarily mean that either female identifies as a male.
    • Gay: Technically, males who are sexually/romantically attracted to other males. This does not necessarily mean that either male identifies as a female. The term “gay” gets used to mean the entire LGBT culture as well.
    • Bi: When either gender is sexually/romantically attracted to both genders, either simultaneously or periodically.
  • Transgender/Transvestite/Fluid – the gender oddities
    • Transgender: When a male identifies as a female, or a female identifies as a male. Some transgenders content themselves, at least at the high school age, with dressing and acting as the gender they identify as. Others take puberty-blocking drugs or other hormonal therapy in order to change their bodies as they wish. Later in life, some get the surgery to become their preferred gender.
    • Transvestite: A cross-dresser, typically males dressing as females.
    • Gender Fluid: Those who identify as one gender one day and the other the next, or sometimes neither/both genders.
  • Asexual – the third wheel
    • Asexual: One who does not feel sexual attraction to either gender. This, in my opinion, doesn’t exactly fit with the LGBT culture, as asexuality is not traditionally deemed inappropriate by our society, nor is it a sin according to the Bible. As I continue to talk about the LGBT community, I am not including asexuals.

My Christian View

The Bible is very clear about homosexuality and the sexually impure:

9 Don’t you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, or who worship idols, or commit adultery, or are male prostitutes, or practice homosexuality, 10 or are thieves, or greedy people, or drunkards, or are abusive, or cheat people—none of these will inherit the Kingdom of God. 11 Some of you were once like that. But you were cleansed; you were made holy; you were made right with God by calling on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.” 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 (NLT)

Those who practice homosexuality are listed equally among all the other sinners. This shows that homosexuality is a perversion of God’s plan, just like worshiping idols, stealing, abusing, cheating, etc. This brings me to my first point: While homosexuality is a sin, it is equal in God’s eyes to all other sins, and therefore there is no reason to reject homosexuals seeking Christ. The Church needs to teach on the subject as it would any other sin and help those who ask for help.

My second point focuses on verse 11: “But you were cleansed”. Christian homosexuals or homo-sympathizers often argue that because they were born with the draw toward homosexuality, God must have created them that way. After all, God creates everyone perfectly, and you should always be yourself.

This argument doesn’t take into account our broken world. This world belongs to Satan, who corrupts everything and everyone. Since man’s first sin in the Garden, every human was born corrupted. That is why we must be reborn in Christ in order to be cleansed. Cleansed, meaning all of your past sins have been erased and your life has been changed. You don’t return to your old sinful ways. If that means that a former homosexual marries properly and has children, cool. If, more likely, he/she chooses to remain single, that works too. Then they can look to Paul’s words on how to live a single life for God.

In short: As Christians, we should not judge or reject homosexuals for sinning differently than we do. Instead, we should love them just as we are called to love everyone in an attempt to lead them to Christ.

Living Together

There are all kinds of issues surrounding the LGBT community. I have several points on this:

  • Public Displays of Affection
    • Ew. I don’t want to see heterosexuals making out in the hallways, I don’t want to see two girls making out in the bathroom. I don’t want to see you making out with your goldfish. I really don’t care who you chose to sleep with, so long as I don’t have to watch.
  • Legal Marriage
    • Government is only in marriage in the first place to protect women and children, who traditionally would have a very hard time of supporting themselves if the husband/father up and left them. In our modern day and age, women can get jobs and support their own family just as easily as men (legally speaking). Therefore, legally, it should make no difference if you chose to marry a goldfish. Many people don’t even bother to get legally married (although I don’t see why exactly when you get tax benefits for being married).
  • Religious Refusal of Service
    • In all reality, Hobby Lobby or Chick-Fil-A isn’t going to care if a gay person wants a spool of thread or a chicken sandwich. Straight people don’t make a big deal about being straight, so if gay people would stop making a huge deal about it everywhere they went, they would encounter much fewer problems. The right to refuse service, though, needs to be protected for the small commission-based businesses who don’t want openly-gay products in their portfolios. If the product/service itself doesn’t have anything to do with being gay or straight and is in no way supporting or discriminating against the LGBT cause, then I honestly don’t see the problem.
    • In the case of signing marriage licenses or something similar, where the employee works for the larger business and has no control over the business’s policies, then that employee should feel safe asking a coworker to complete the task for them, especially when their name needs to be used.
  • The Bathrooms
    • Firstly, government should not be involved in the public restroom issue, federal or state. This needs to be an individual business decision.
    • Secondly, I personally don’t want to share a bathroom with individuals who have external plumbing. Urine gets on the seats, or the seats are left up, and I don’t want to touch that. (That’s why I hate when there’s only one bathroom.) If you stand to pee, use a urinal. If a fully-altered transgender uses the women’s bathroom, as long as she doesn’t declare to the world “I used to be a man!” nobody will even notice. If you’re in some awkward in-between stage, use the family bathroom if there is one, or just use whatever you dress as and, again, nobody will notice. Just please clean up after yourself.
    • Third, schools should absolutely not allow either gender into the opposite gender’s bathroom. This is just asking for trouble, especially with locker rooms. I, as a straight female, would not feel safe if hormonal teenage boys were allowed into a girl’s bathroom or locker room, especially since I’ve only met one classmate who doesn’t have a camera in their phone. I’m not saying that all transgendered youth are faking it, I’m saying that the bad kids would take advantage of the policy. The boy wouldn’t even have to be obviously taking on the lifestyle of a female, because in today’s world females wear the same jeans and t-shirts as males. The fact that I wouldn’t be able to report a boy spying on the girls in the locker room would terrify me. I always used the bathroom stalls to change, but there are big gaps between the door and the wall. If you must cater so heavily to the tiny minority of students who are actually transgender, then add gender-neutral bathrooms in addition to strictly-male and strictly-female bathrooms. That way the transgendered kids can feel safe without the straight kids feeling endangered.
  • LGBT Youth
    • It isn’t right of parents to raise their children to be gay/lesbian/etc. It especially is wrong of parents to encourage any kind of hormone-altering drugs. The decision-making part of your brain does not fully develop until your mid-to-late 20’s, so why on Earth would you let your child damage their perfectly healthy body as a teenager?
    • It is okay to be confused during puberty, the definition of puberty is confusion and change. Don’t take drastic measures until you’re old enough to understand the consequences and potential health risks. This goes for physical gender alteration as well as homosexual or heterosexual intimacy.
    • So many kids today are using their sexual orientation as their entire identity. This identity crisis is what has built an entire separate culture around being gay. It’s where the “gay man lisp”, half-shaved hair, striped rainbows, etc. come from. I don’t understand this in the slightest. If someone asks me: “Who are you, Moira?” I don’t reply: “I’m straight” or “I identify as female”. I say: “I’m a Christian, artist, gamer, author, geek…” In our society, sex is given much more importance than it should be. You’re weird if you haven’t dated in high school. It’s assumed you’ll have premarital sex. “Sexy” is used to mean “pretty”. Sex is supposed to be personal, not public, and therefore staking your whole identity in your orientation is not healthy. Place your identity in Christ first, and then the gifts/skills you have worked hard to develop, and that will serve you much better throughout your life.

I hope this helps somebody somewhere down the line. Not all of my Philosophical Thoughts will be on such serious issues, I promise ;)


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