Lots of Rubicus Entries

Lookit all the entries I found!


19: The Third Lorican-Militesi War – probably by completing the mission “Expelling the Empire”, but I missed the notification

21: Rubrum: Implementation of Eidolons – Doing something between chapters 3 and 5, I missed it though

99: Expelling the Empire (mission) – Complete the expert trial “Expelling the Empire”

101: The Clash in the Caverns – Complete the expert trial “The Clash in the Caverns”

107: Sniper Showdown; 108: A Fog-Laden Foray (mission); 109: The Empire’s Ultima Bomb Project – Choose to find another base rather than continue to the factory, which will take you to “A Fog-Laden Foray” instead of “Operation MA Demolition”

116: Maybe it’s Deja Vu? – Talk to Seven and Cater in District 0711 of the Millitesi capital

118: The Vanishing Intel Officer; 119: Machina Stands Alone – Explore each district of the Militesi capital and talk to everyone you didn’t have time to talk to on your first playthrough

120: The Impressive Imperial Cityscape – Talk to Jack in District 0711

((There are two tasks available in the last district of the Militesi capital, one for maxing out one character’s strength stat and the other to find all of the characters that can “join” Class Zero.))

125: In the Snow-swept Militesi Mountains; 126: Mission Under Ceasefire (mission) – Choose to explore the outskirts rather than wait until the next mission after spending all of your free time in the Militesi capital

147: That Gil-grubbing Carla- Talk to Carla in the Ready Room after you return from Millites


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